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Shadow Whispers


  1. Please read and obey all these rules.
  2. No more than 2 from each category per person, per week (excluding The Pound adoptions).
  3. Fill out the respective forms (found on each page) completely.
  4. Please take good care of these Petz. If you ever feel like you can't, or you want to get rid of them for whatever reason, don't hesitate to send them back or give them to someone else.
  5. Please put "Lemony Snickett" in the "Anything else?" line, so I know you read these rules.
  6. All adoptions are first come, first served. In the event that more than one person wants the pet, it will come down to who has the better application (form filled out and sent in). So while I don't require good applications, it could be a good idea, especially if you think that particular pet will be popular.

If you can think of anything else that should be on this page - please let me know by emailing me at