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Shadow Whispers


Here you can find pictures of a few of my breeding pairs - I'll change which ones are available every so often, so if you see a pair that you really like, be sure to request a litter from them before they're gone! If you want to request a litter, there are a couple of things you should know.


  1. Follow all the rules. Simple as that.
  2. One request at a time per person, please. Wait until you have received the puppies from one litter before you ask for another one.
  3. Regular adoption rules apply as well. Read and adhere to them.
  4. Fill out the form entirely. So that I know you did actually read these rules, please put "Lemony Snickett" in the place that says "Anything else?"
  5. I have the right to ask for more information or to refuse to allow anyone to receive a litter. This is not likely to happen, but I wanted to make that clear just in case.

Other Information for You:

The Form:
Your name:
Your email address:
Your URL (optional):
Breeding pair you've selected:
Breedfiles you need (if any):
Any particular names you like?
WHat other breeds would you be interested in seeing?
Anything else?
Email it to

The Petz:

Berylla and Gerek
Berylla - first generation Lab
Markings: Black fur, brown eyes

Gerek - 3rd generation lab
Markings: Brown fur, brown eyes

Mike and Karida
Mike and Karida have a litter available on the litters page! Their puppies are TINY.
Mike - 1st generation hexed Great Dane
Markings - brown and white, with black spots; gray-blue eyes

Karida - 1st generation hexed Great Dane
Makings - Gray, with white accents and black spots; gray-blue eyes

Jovanna and Saka
Jovanna and Saka have a litter available on the litters page if you want to check it out!
Jovanna - 1st generation Persian
Markings - White; blue eyes

Saka - 1st generation PrizeCoons (I can send the breedfile)
Markings: Multi-colored, brown, grey, black, white; gold eyes