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Shadow Whispers

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Everyone have a great time looking around and have a wonderful Christmas!


Thanks for coming! Here you can find information on my petz, and you can get petz of your own to take home - and please do take some home with you. All these petz need good homes. Also check out the "other" page too see the other services I offer - such as request-a-litter, the Whispers Breeding Service, newsletter, and more! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please, PLEASE email me at

Have fun!

Last Updated: 11:26 PM 12/24/2005

Latest News
The Petz in the Kennel and Cattery will be moved to The Pound January 1st if they have not been adopted by then. After that, they have two weeks before I have to either return them, or put them in the Auto-Adoption Center. Please go check them out!