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Shadow Whispers

Dog Litters

Girls are pink
Boys are blue
*Pick of Litter*

Bungo x Spot
Angelica . . . *Odo* . . . Poppy
Will be moved to The Pound January 1st
These puppies have absolutely no hexing in their lineage. They're second generation Dalmation/Golden Retrievers and so cute - the lot of them! *Odo* is POL because he's different from the other two, and I just plain like him, though Poppy probably has the more even distribution of GR/Dali traits.

Carrot x Hershey
Meira . . . *Uner* . . . Cristy
Will be moved to The Pound January 1st
No hexing in these guys. They are 8+ generation Dalmation/Lab/German Shepherd cuties. *Uner* is POL because he has traits from all the breedz - including the white eyelids from his mommy!

Mike x Karida
Kati . . . *Luella* . . . Mallalai
Will be moved to The Pound January 1st
Parents were hexed Great Danes, not breedfiles needed. These girls are adorable, tiny 2nd generation Great Danes, and *Luella* is the POL because she is unique! I almost kept her, just because she's SO TINY and cute!